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4 Ways to Reduce IT Costs in 2021

Due to the current economic situation fuelled by the pandemic and the changing market landscape, it’s become more important than ever for businesses to look for ways to reduce costs. As IT expenses can take up a significant portion of a company’s overall budget, there are some creative methods that businesses can explore to create […]

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5 Tips for Evaluating a Remote Working Solution

Currently, most companies are rapidly expanding their use of remote working or making a dramatic entrance into that form of operating. In an environment defined by a mobile workforce, an effective unified communications solution is a necessity. However, choosing the most effective solution for your company can be a difficult and confusing task. Below, we […]

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How to Modernize Your Contact Centre

Across all industries, the customer experience is undergoing a rapid transformation. Only a little over a decade ago, there were no smartphones, social media channels, or mobile apps to be considered throughout the customer journey. Today, that journey can take place across multiple channels, and digital interactions are starting to exceed those taking place on […]

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Using Customer Journey Mapping to Improve CX

The customer experience plays an essential role in a company’s success. Mapping the journey of your customers during their interactions with your business is critical to better improving your overall customer service. Understanding the viewpoint of those who purchase your goods and services will also help to improve your marketing and sales processes. Thus, strengthening […]

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Top 5 Trends in Digital Transformation for 2020

As the new year approaches, there’s a lot of emerging trends that will impact how businesses undertake a digital transformation in 2020. Below are five of our key trends that will impact the digital transformation space in 2020. 1. 5G After a long wait, 5G is likely to be the biggest trend in digital transformation […]

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How to Select A Contact Centre Solution

The process of selecting a new contact centre solution is a major decision for any business. A contact centre is at the forefront of your business’s relationship with your customers so selecting the right solution is imperative. Issues like poor call quality, long wait times, and even longer problem resolution times will lead to upset […]

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