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About StableLogic

StableLogic are independent Customer Experience Consultants.  We advise our clients on the transformation of the service they provide to their customers.

Communicating with customers is more complex than ever.  Businesses can no longer decide on their own how they communicate, customers decide using social media and online collaboration sites.  Apps, social media, digital market and consumer sites such as TripAdvisor all add to the communication complexity.

StableLogic are Customer Experience Consultants that can help you address these challenges and to create an outstanding customer experience.

Customer Experience Consultants

Our Customer Experience services are designed for both national and multinational clients.  Our services include:

  • Mapping the customer journey
  • Offering new communication channels
  • Measuring performance
  • Changing business processes
  • Delighting the customer
  • Digital transformation

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Professional Consulting

25 years of experience in customer experience consulting.

Proven Process

We have a well worked methodology to transform the customer experience.

Digital Transformation

Strong record of supporting clients with their digital transformation.

Budget Friendly

We understand budget pressures and aim to be the most cost effective in our sector.


Why Use StableLogic?

Our experience across different organizations, markets and countries allows us to deliver for you.  Key benefits of using StableLogic include:

  • Proven Process – We know how to deliver
  • Experience – We have a strong track record
  • Multinational – We understand the different expectations in different countries
  • Cost Effective – We understand that budgets are tight
  • Innovative – We help our clients to innovate and differentiate
Understand your Customer Experience

Mapping the Customer Journey

The customer journey is the beginning to end process of a customer interacting with a business.  For a typical business there are multiple touch points with their customer.

A customer may conduct initial research on Google.  Then perhaps view the web site of the organization.  Customers open search social media and web sites for reviews, complaints and comments.  They place online orders or telephone the contact center.  Changes to an order may be made by email or web chat.  Finally, reviews and comments on social media are quite common.

Trying to effectively manage this entire process, deliver for customers, pre-empt their needs and grow business is quite a challenge.  StableLogic are expert consultants in effectively delivering the communications customer journey.

Supporting customers to communicate the way they wish

Digital Channels

A good customer experience is often highly personalized.  Supporting the customer in the way they wish, when they wish, using the medium they wish.  Every customer is unique and has their own requirements.

Providing multiple communication channels, pre-empting the customers needs and being creative, can transform the success of a business.

StableLogic support many clients in the change from traditional customer service on the telephone or face to face, to modern digital channels which can improve service and reduce cost.

Process Optimization

Business leaders understand there is significant value in optimizing processes. Optimizing your customer processes can deliver significant efficiencies to your business because of the following:

  • Customer contact is a critical element of business success
  • Many processes are made labour intensive, repetitive and high volume
  • There is “low hanging fruit” that could result in several quick-wins
  • Business Process Optimization (BPO) is a way to improve service while reducing costs, breaking the historical trade-off between better service and lower costs.

We help organizations address these points and provide truly unique customer experiences. It’s not simple – but StableLogic have a proven track record of unravelling processes to understand the best way to re-calibrate them to improve sales, productivity, quality and to develop a unique customer experience.

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