25 Years of Network Expertize

Independent Network Consultants

StableLogic are network consultants, we provide expert independent network advice.  Our network consultancy services help clients to develop their network strategy, benchmark costs and manage procurement processes.

We support organizations of all sizes to meet their network objectives including FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies.  We are entirely independent network consultants – we don’t sell any network services or take commissions from network providers.

Options such as hybrid networks and SD-WAN allow organizations to improve functionality and reduce cost.  As data network consultants, we are helping many clients to peer with major cloud providers such as Google, Azure and AWS, in order to improve application performance.

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Delivering your Future Network

Network Strategy Development

With the consolidation of network services, the move to Internet and hybrid networks, an organization’s network strategy becomes critical.  But how does the network deliver in a world with agile employees, cloud services, data centers, virtualization, thin client, voice and video?

StableLogic work with clients to deliver a network strategy and business case for this complex infrastructure. Our network strategy advisory services have not only delivered significant cost benefits but service enhancements and improved business continuity for our clients globally.

Our strategy development process comprises the following steps:

  • Discovery – Current services, contracts, costs, etc
  • Business Requirements – Future needs workshops
  • Options Analysis – Identify and review each option
  • Budget Modelling – Model the costs for each option
  • Recommendations – Provide a comprehensive set of costed recommendations

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A higher quality service at a lower price

Network Procurement and Negotiations

StableLogic are network procurement professionals.  We are constantly running both local and multinational network procurements and have a large amount of network cost data.

Our 25 years of experience means we have a well developed methodology and run both formal RFP processes as well as contract negotiations where a cost reduction or service improvement is required.

We understand what a top 5% deal looks like and the best strategy to obtain it.  Whilst cost is important, we appreciate the criticality of the network and spend just as much time on SLA negotiations as on cost.

In addition to new networks, we often renegotiate existing network contracts.  Our knowledge of the vendors, service levels and market rates, mean that we deliver strong results for our clients.

25 Years Experience

Network projects for organisations of all sizes.

Network Strategy

Developing next generation network strategies.


Experts at managing network procurements and negotiations.

Budget Friendly

Our aim is to be the most cost effective experts in our area.

Compare Your Network to the Market

Network Benchmarking

StableLogic’s network benchmarking service, directly compares your costs and service levels to current market rates and provides the valuable information you need to embark on a procurement or to start a negotiation.

Key considerations of a network benchmark include:

  • Technology Solution – Other potential options?
  • Vendor – Stability, solution, plans?
  • Functionality – How does it compare?
  • Service Levels – Market leading SLA?  Jitter? RTD?
  • Cost – How do your costs compare to market rates?

Our network benchmark service compares both the cost and the service levels of a network to the current market rates.

Right Size Your Network

Network Assessments

Does your network meet the needs of your business?  Our Network Assessment service audits the current network and models future demand.

We consider multiple elements including:

  • Bandwidth utilization
  • Application performance
  • Cloud service provision
  • Network optimization
  • Security

Our Network Assessments allow our clients to right-size their network in order to obtain the application performance that their business requires.

Data Center Performance

Sites With Performance Issues

Sites Passing Skype for Business Network Assessment

Sites Achieving SLA to AWS

StableLogic Technology Consultants


We are completely independent and impartial.  Our sole source of income is from our clients.


With major clients such as Jaguar Land Rover and Imperial Tobacco, we are highly experienced.


We have many years practical experience of deploying MPLS, Internet, Hybrid, SD-WAN and SDN technologies.

Local and Global

We are small enough to provide a personal service but with offices in Boston and London, we also deliver global projects.

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