Technology Procurement

About StableLogic

StableLogic are independent technology procurement and negotiation consultants.  We do not have any preferred products and do not accept any payments from vendors.

Being independent means we can negotiate the very best terms on behalf of our clients without any vested interest.

We have 25 years experience of technology procurement and have well worked processes, skills and the critical data required to compare costs.

Technology Procurement Consultants

Our technology procurement services are designed for both national and multinational clients.  Our services include:

  • Developing specifications
  • Managing the RFP process
  • Contract and cost negotiations
  • Delivering savings mid-contract

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Professional Consulting

25 years of experience in technology procurement and contract negotiation.

Excellent Data

We have excellent benchmarking data – we understand what a top 5% deal looks like

Contracts and SLAs

We are highly experienced at contract negotiation including SLA’s, project plans, exit plans etc.

Budget Friendly

We understand budget pressures and aim to be the most cost effective in our sector.


Why Use StableLogic?

Our experience, market knowledge and data, allows us to deliver for you.  Key benefits of using StableLogic include:

  • Proven Process – Leading to faster savings
  • Market Knowledge – Resulting in great savings
  • Benchmark Data – We know how much you can achieve
  • Supplier Experience – We understand the best negotiation strategy

Technology Procurement Services

  • Benchmarking current contracts
  • Auditing services
  • Specification development
  • RFP management
  • Contract negotiations
A higher quality service at a lower price

Proven Savings Success

We have a long track record of delivering proven savings, during an initial procurement, at contract renewal and mid-term.

The savings on the right are genuine and we would be pleased to explain them to you.  For confidentiality reasons, we have not disclosed the client or vendor names.

Our comprehensive database of technology costs, allow us to accurately benchmark and model the expected savings.

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Savings Achieved

Medical Company - Network Contract
Global Retailer - IT Outsource Services
Global Retailer - Microsoft Services

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    StableLogic are an independent technology consultancy with offices in Boston and London, England.


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